Thinkpad 600x

Platform IBM PC
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IBM Thinkpad 600x.

Bought from Ebay in August 2018.

LCD: 13.3" 1024x768 TFT
CPU: Pentium III 450
RAM: 64MB onboard + 2x 256MB PC100 = 576MB
Disk: 128GB MSATA + MSATA to 2.5" IDE
PCMCIA: Cardbus to 4 port USB 2.0
Audio: Onboard Soundblaster Pro compatible

I've also fitted my Rolan SCP-55 PCMCIA Midi card, and looped it back through to the soundcard line-in, so it's mixed with the onboard speakers.

Originally with Swedish keyboard, but replaced with UK English, along with new battery and new CMOS battery.

Bought for later DOS retro gaming on the sofa.


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