286 Dos Gaming PC

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Platform IBM PC
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Headland HT12 286 Motherboard
AMD 80286 16MHz cpu
Intel 80287XL fpu
ISA WDC IDE/Floppy/Serial/Parallel controller
ISA Cirrus Logic CL5428 1Mb video card
ISA Soundblaster 16
ISA Roland MPU401 midi card
ISA 3Com 3C509b network card (hosting XTIDE BIOS roms)

Currently awaiting install in new desktop case.

The 3Com card has an XTIDE rom fitted into its boot-rom socket, this rom enables large hard disk support so that modern IDE drives can be used.

The motherboard and CPU are original and have been owned since the early 1990's - they were fitted to the first PC I owned.

A failed attempt to fit an IBM 486SLC2 upgrade card means that the 286 cpu was desoldered and now sits in a PLCC socket. It would be nice to find a Harris 20MHz cpu to go in there!


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