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Image Game Manufacturer Platform Genre Media Type Country
Alone in the Dark Infogrames Adventure Not Applicable
Cannon Fodder / Chaos Engine / The Settlers / T2 The Arcade Game Virgin Compilation European
Centurion: Defender of Rome Electronic Arts Strategy European
Chaos Engine Bitmap Brothers Action European
Classic Collection Lucas Arts Compilation European
Colonization Microprose Simulation European
Curse of Enchantia Core Design Adventure European
Day of the Tentacle Lucas Arts Adventure Not Applicable
Doom ID Software First Person Shooter Not Applicable
Dune II Westwood Studios Strategy European
Dungeon Master II Interplay RPG European
Falcon Spectrum Holobyte Simulation Not Applicable
Fantastic Worlds Ubisoft Compilation European
Flashback US Gold Platform Not Applicable
Microprose Formula 1 Grand Prix Microprose Racing Not Applicable
Populous Electronic Arts Strategy European
Silent Service II Microprose Simulation European
Sim City / Populous Infogrames Compilation Not Applicable
Star Wars: B-Wing Lucas Arts Simulation Not Applicable
Star Wars: X-Wing Lucas Arts Simulation Not Applicable
Striker Rage Sports European
UFO Enemy Unknown Microprose Strategy European
Wing Commander Origin Simulation Not Applicable
Wing Commander II Origin Simulation Not Applicable

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