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Image Game Manufacturer Platform Genre Media Type Country
Color Clash Revival Studios Puzzle USA
Columns SEGA Puzzle UK
Crush Roller ADK Puzzle UK
Fading Shadows Ivolgamus Puzzle UK
Pacman SNK Puzzle UK
Pacmania Tecmagik Puzzle UK
Panic Bomber Hudson Puzzle Japan
Picture Puzzle Success Puzzle UK
Picture Puzzle Success Puzzle UK
Puyo Pop SNK Puzzle UK
Puyo Puyo NEC Puzzle Japan
Puzzle Bobble Mini Taito Puzzle UK
Puzzle Link SNK Puzzle UK
Puzzle Link 2 SNK Puzzle UK
Ryukyu Face Puzzle Japan
Spin Pair Media Rings Corp Puzzle Japan
Tetris Nintendo Puzzle UK
Vectoblox Revival Studios Puzzle Other country/region
Volfiev Taito Puzzle Japan

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